“I am running for the Legislature to strengthen the quality of life in communities across southeast Nebraska. Farmers and ranchers across the district and state are struggling and need help now. Property tax reform is needed to stabilize and strengthen our farms, downtown businesses and families.”

About Janet

Janet Palmtag is a Nebraska City native as well as a graduate of Nebraska City Lourdes Central Catholic High School and University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Business Administration. Janet and her husband John own and operate several small businesses, including J.J. Palmtag Real Estate with offices in Nebr. City, Auburn and Rock Port, MO. Her campaign is focused on property tax reform and relief, helping agriculture, strengthening small rural businesses, the need for rural broadband and workforce housing.

Janet and John have three grown boys.

Janet’s community involvement includes:


Congressman Jeff Fortenberry

"Janet Palmtag will make an outstanding State Senator. Janet has extraordinary devotion to the community, extensive small business experience, and ability to get things done. She leads clearly—and with a big heart."

Former Governor Dave Heineman

"Janet Palmtag is an outstanding business and community leader. As the owner of a real estate company, she knows property taxes are too high for farmers and families. Janet would fight for lower taxes and less regulations. She is pro-family, pro-jobs and pro-education. I strongly support Janet Palmtag to be your next State Senator."

John Gale, Former Secretary of State

"Janet. You have been a great community leader, industry leader, and a strong voice politically through the years through your support of candidates. You would be an exemplary state senator who would understand the issues & differences of opinion, and how to compromise to a good solution. You would be listened to by others and your opinion respected. Nebraska needs you!"

Dr. Sara Crook

"Janet will be an independent voice for southeast Nebraska, yet a visionary that will always see the big picture of what benefits all Nebraskans. Her vast experiences in our district and her expertise in the entrepreneurial realm will allow her to command respect with fellow state senators."

Doug Bereuter, Former U.S. Congressman

”As a former member of the Nebraska Legislature and a 26 year Member of Congress, I know Janet Palmtag has exactly the experience and temperament needed to represent Southeast Nebraska. I encourage Nebraskans to Vote Janet Palmtag."

Hal Daub, Former U.S. Congressman

"For 30 years as a Realtor, Janet Palmtag has brought together two diverse groups to the table (buyers & sellers) to find agreement. This is exactly what we need in the Nebraska Legislature - real experience and real business savvy. Janet Palmtag has been a Nebraska leader and we need her in the Legislature."

Brad Ashford, Former U.S. Congressman

"Having served in the Nebraska Legislature twice (1987-1995 and 2007-2015) I know first-hand the value of having real life experience to find solutions to the problems facing our state. Janet Palmtag has the experience to be a unifier and not a divider in the Nebraska Unicameral. Janet has the ability to find bipartisan solutions to our critical problems. I'm proud to endorse Janet Palmtag for Legislative District 1."

Ann Ashford, 2020 Candidate for Congress

"Janet Palmtag is a pragmatic problem solver that achieves real results and will always put Nebraska’s interests first. She brings the experience of being a female business owner as well as being a wife, mother and grandmother to the Legislature and that’s critical. Janet Palmtag is the best choice for Southeast Nebraska to send to the Legislature.”

Jim Jenkins, 2014 Nonpartisan candidate for U.S. Senate

“As the former state President of the Nebraska Restaurant Association, rancher and businessman, I know the value of having a voice of real experience in the Unicameral. I encourage voters to cast ballots for Janet Palmtag.”

Former State Senator Dave Pankonin & Lori Pankonin
Former State Senator Roger Wehrbein
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Former Mayor Jack Hobbie & Peggy Hobbie

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