Being Pro-Life

As a lifelong Christian, I’m proud to be strongly Pro-Life. My faith shapes my belief that we are each known and formed in the womb in the image of a loving God. Medical science and logical reason go hand-in-hand to reinforce these same views.

I support Legislative Bill 814 which would prohibit the use of clamps, forceps or other similar instruments to remove pieces of a LIVING fetus during weeks 13 to 24 of a woman’s pregnancy. Remember that science proves that fetuses can already feel pain by week 20. We should be able to agree that abortion by painful fetal dismemberment is barbaric. This would only impact 1.5% of abortions in Nebraska – in 2018, there were 32 such abortions, but even that is too many.  My approach to passing meaningful legislation would be to help build a coalition of voices that addresses both the life of the unborn child and the health concerns of the mother.

While serving on the Foundation Board at St. Mary’s Hospital in Nebraska City, I supported healthcare for families and know firsthand how important it is in our rural communities. We have to do more to support our mothers and children in difficult situations. And let’s never forget the importance of Fathers.

Frequently we rank states by economic growth or unemployment rates. From my eight years on the Nebraska Economic Development Commission, I know these are useful statistics. But if we are truly a Pro-Life state, then we should also consider ranking states by the way that they treat families – which are the bedrock of our Great State. A comprehensive look at factors like crime, youth pathologies & behavior (Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Centers); education, graduation & employment rates; availability & cost of good child care; poverty & welfare rates; marriage, divorce & alimony payments; births & adoptions vs. abortions; healthcare during pregnancy and for children after birth; as well as elder abuse & nursing home availability statistics. Additionally, looking at each of these not only from the lens of government programs but also how we can better support charitable organizations to engage in the fight of making our state a place where life doesn’t simply exist but thrives. Not all of these numbers are equal in importance, surviving the pregnancy and new life being born into the world is most important, but the other numbers are a part of the overall Pro-Life equation.

As your Senator, I will be a strong voice for children, mothers, families, and the right-to-life — from conception to natural death. Join me in this important fight. To dialogue with me about this important issue or to learn more, visit my website at: