Farmers Union pulls Slama endorsement/Palmtag gains Teachers

Gov. Dave Heineman says Palmtag has momentum in LD 1 race

SYRACUSE  – The Nebraska Farmers Union has pulled their Primary Election endorsement of Sen. Julie Slama, former Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman announced at an event with Legislative District 1 candidate Janet Palmtag.

 “She’s (Palmtag) got the momentum. The reason I say that is that recently the Nebraska Farmers Union withdrew their endorsement of Julie Slama in the primary, as the result of a letter that Sen. Kerrey and I sent out,” Heineman said.

“Secondly, Nebraska’s teachers, the teachers of this area, are supporting Janet Palmtag. The Nebraska State Education Association just recently announced their endorsement,” Heineman said.

Colton Schaardt, whose dad, Dennis Schaardt, a Pawnee County Commissioner, also ran in the May primary election for Legislative District 1, announced his support for Palmtag.

“I’m working hard to make sure Janet Palmtag is elected, because our farmers and ranchers, Main Street businesses and all families young and old deserve someone with real life experiences to fight against high property taxes and represent our communities in the Legislature,” Schaardt said.

Gov. Heineman arrived at the event near Syracuse with Palmtag in the Husker Helicopter, which is owned and operated by Schuyler native Kim Wolfe. More than 70 voters from each of the counties in the legislative district were in attendance Sunday including former Congressman Hal Daub and his wife Mary, former State Senator Dave Pankonin, and the following event hosts:

Sen. Roger Wehrbein, Carolyn & Orval Gigstad, Colton & Megan Schaardt, Nile & Mary Farris, Jane & Marvin Zimmerman, Betty & Dale Widoe, Dr. Sara & John Crook, John & Mary Lauber, Martha & Gary Schaffer, Rhae & Jerry Werner, Donald Ferguson, Sen. John Mccollister, Jan Madsen, Sen. Spencer & Debra Morrissey, Mary Margaret & Lee Clark, Jeanna Stavas, Joan Dawson, Linda & Tim Engel, Darcy Carpenter, Sue & Mike Little, Jill & John Lokke, Margaret Riege, Jan McMullen, Mark & Lorrie Novak, Scott Miller, Diane Murphy, Denise & Ron Rathbone, Tad Hammond, Jane Rohman, Rick Bennie, Jeri & Vic Johns, Jeff Conway, Mike & Janis Riege, Kathleen & Tamas Allen, Kathy & Monte McKillip, Sen. Dave & Lori Pankonin, Hon. Randall & Candace Rehmeier, Lora Damme, Jay Longinaker, Clayton Christiansen, Julie Riege, Kathy & Steve Mercure, Joe & Marliss Miller, Nickie & Beckie Cromer.