Supporting the Thin Blue Line

As a lifelong resident of South East Nebraska, I’ve come to personally know many of the great individuals who wear a badge every day to keep our communities safe. I know that crime rates and public safety statistics are considerations when businesses are looking to expand or workers are considering relocating into our corner of Nebraska. As a mother of three and a grandmother of two, it’s about more than just crime statistics for me, I want to know that the schools my grandchildren attend and the parks where they play are safe.

Recently, there have been several national news reports of cities voting to disband their police departments. Nothing can be more demoralizing for
those who stand on the thin blue line and hold back the lawless. We cannot allow a few bad police officers in Minnesota to tarnish the trusted reputation of the men and women who patrol our streets in Falls City, Tecumseh, Syracuse, Auburn, Nebraska City, and all of the towns of SE Nebraska. Our law enforcement work hard to earn our trust and support every day.

Sitting in the corner of Nebraska, with Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and two interstates within easy driving distance, our law enforcement personnel
have to be fully equipped and trained to be on their A‐game. The myriad of duties that local police officers, county sheriffs, and Nebraska State Troopers face each day are too numerous to mention in full. From keeping the sex offender registry updated, maintaining state of the art equipment and training in best practices, ensuring that heavy trucks are in safe working order, safe speeds on our highways are being followed, responding to emergencies, arresting criminals, fighting drugs and their transport into our communities, the list is endless. Both they and their spouses need to know that they have partners in all of us to protect their backs – particularly when it comes to fighting for law enforcement needs and
funding in the Legislature.

I’m very honored to have the political support of a number of our local law enforcement heroes. We trust their judgement each day to make split second decisions to keep our communities safe and I value their reasoned judgment in selecting our representation in the Unicameral. They know that
there’s no substitute for years of real experience and there’s too much at stake to risk putting a rookie in charge. I’m proud to count law enforcement
members in my own family – by brother, Mike Riege served as an Otoe County Sheriff’s Deputy; and my uncle, Ron Kreifels, served as a Nebraska State Trooper. And I’m pleased to have Bill Muldoon, who recently retired after 12 years as the Director of the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center and before that served as Chief of Police in Nebraska City supporting my candidacy. I’m also thankful for the many volunteer firefighters and emergency first responders who are supporting my campaign as well.

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